Microphone Monster Arm (Regular Size, 19 inch)


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Microphone Arm Stand in Bangladesh

Do you want to buy a microphone armstand?

This is the perfect stand for your Blue Snowball Microphone or Blue Yeti or other heavy weighted microphones. It’s made of aluminum alloy and has a sturdier metal structure, making it more durable. The square tubes are 0.5 inches in diameter, providing a better user experience.

You can balance the stand at any position within the adjustable range and it will not bounce up, even if the heavy object is not suspended. It’s also easy to use – just adjust it to your desired height and tighten the knob. Get this stand today and start using your microphone like a pro!

Designed with upgraded support weight, the actual measurement can hold up to 4 pounds/1.8 kilograms. It is applicable not only to heavy-duty microphones (Blue Snowball Microphone & Blue Nano) but also to some light-duty microphones.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: It is made of aluminum alloy, with a sturdier and more durable metal structure. Square tubes with 0.5 inches diameter (others ordinary tubes are 0.39 inches), thus to provide a better user experience

GOOD STABILITY: The stand can be balanced at any position within the adjustable range and will not bounce up even if the heavy object is not suspended.

PROFESSIONAL BUILT-IN BALANCE SYSTEM: It looks more luxurious and professional for its appearance, hiding the spring inside. And the o wires can also be in the stand (other stand springs are exposed to the outside)

SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS SCENES: Suitable for different situations, for example, broadcast, voice recording, performance, concert, etc

  • Compatible with Blue Yeti or similar microphones
  • Compatible with Mirrorless or DSLR cameras
  • Suitable for Overhead Videos
  • Made in China

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Microphone Stand
  • 1 x Metal Base
  • 1 x Converter
  • Velcro Cable Tie